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TOMKAT History

When our twin daughters started to crawl and expand their household territory, the first thought in our new parents’ minds was to cover the hot radiators. This would not only protect little hands, but would also compliment the many renovations we did on our Victorian home. This was easier said than done. Local carpenters would not build one or two cabinets. Doing more did not fit our budget. And so we decided to build them ourselves. One to two cabinets at first led to building them for our entire home. Friends and neighbors admired the craftsmanship and asked for some in their own homes. It didn’t take long for TomKat Fine Woodworking, LLC to be born.

TomKat Fine Woodworking, LLC specializes in custom-built radiator cabinetry designed to compliment any décor. Our simple but elegant style, the Streamline series, was designed to fit the tight spaces and the smaller budget. Our Classic design gives design flexibility with a choice of stained oak or painted poplar. It appears more formal than the Streamline. Our classic high-end cabinet, the Mission series, was designed with the wow-factor. It is a custom piece of furniture constructed completely with wood and looks beautiful in the public areas of your home such as the living room and dining room. This design can also be modified as a window seat.

TomKat Fine Woodworking, LLC will build other types of cabinets for your home, but radiator cabinetry will always remain number one. Because of our own personal experience, we will build one small cabinet or one for every room. It is custom made just for you.