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The Kate of Tomkat has a new blog called KISS Me Kate. It has insightful tips on design and family life and how to Keep It Simple.


We'll Cover It All

At Tomkat Fine Woodworking we'll cover the hot AND cold source. Our HVAC covers are elegant without inhibiting the system


When babyproofing don't forget the hot water/steam pipes. At Tomkat Fine Woodworking, LLC we offer upholstered insulated removable pipecovers. Every fabric is selected per individual job to match your decor.

As Seen On TV

HGTV newest offering, Home Rules, premiers this March 15th at 9pm.In each episode, life coach Fran Harris will explore why a frazzled family is struggling to find calm in the chaos of their daily lives. After assessing the issue, Fran and designer Justin Shaulis will help ease the pandemonium by uncovering the reasons behind all the chaos and clutter to give the homeowners a second chance at a renovated house and home life.


For the pilot episode taking place in Morristown NJ HGTV tapped local craftsmen. Madison’s own Tom and Kate Salko of TomKat Fine Woodworking (www.tomkatfw.com) were proud to provide the custom wooden radiator cabinets. As the family had small children with one on the way, the designer grasped the importance of covering the hot metal. And at the suggestion of TomKat, shelving was added to the baby's room cabinet to maximize much needed storage.

January 2010

Remember that new year’s resolution to become more organized? What better time than spring cleaning? Many people think of spring cleaning as a time to throw out things out. But simply rethinking your space can double your storage and clean up the clutter.

TomKat Fine Woodworking LLC, as seen on This Old House, known for providing fine custom radiator cabinetry is now introducing Fine Furniture for Organized Living. This includes closet/pantry units, vanities, office solutions, entertainment units, and any custom organizational furniture. Once again using their own family needs as a spring board, they found organizing their space to have benefits beyond just removing the unwanted clutter. Their girls love having their own spaces and have gained a sense of responsibility in keeping their areas together. No more do they yell, “MOM! Have you seen my...?!” Getting ready in the morning now takes half the time with the simple addition of a shelf to lay out their clothes the night before. And mom is VERY happy they can put their own clothes away on laundry day. And finally when it came time to renovate their kitchen they saved hundreds of dollars by reconfiguring their pantry storage allowing them to have less upper cabinets and a more open space. Closet space can be more than doubled with the right units.

Children’s closets can be fitted with plexi glass front bins giving them the ease of putting away their own belongings. These same units can be flexible enough to change as a child grows. Storage systems can also be put into place in your main living areas but still be pleasant to the eye. Custom computer armoires keep little hands off equipment and hide your paperwork when guests arrive. Entertainment units can be compact but provide plenty of storage for all the high tech equipment and dvds. Vanities in bathrooms can be fitted with extra drawers or be built at a lower height for the popular vessel sinks. Not forgetting the radiators, covers can be made with additional shelving or as a window seat.


-Look at the space you have. With the right reconfiguration you may be able to double your storage. Consult a professional if need be.

-Create storage that grows with you family. You want something that will last for years. Adjustable shelving can change height or even removed for hanging space-Don't skimp. Every home benefits in value from added storage

-Get the whole family involved with the planning. They are more likely to upkeep it afterwards

-Think beyond the closet. Vanities, entertainment storage, work areas, storage benches can be rethought or added to any room.


June 2009

Click on the link below to read about the dangers to children of exposed radiators.  


January 2009

For the second time in two years TomKat Fine Woodworking, LLC has been invited to provide their goods for the show. For owners Tom and Kate Salko’s premiere in East Boston in 2007 they covered a family’s duplex home’s radiators with their custom wooden cabinets. This year in Brooklyn, in addition to providing their custom radiator cabinetry, they were able to highlight their expanded furniture line which now includes closet units.

For the project now on air, “This Old House” is converting a Prospect Heights Brooklyn brownstone, owned by Kevin Costello and Karen Shen, from a rooming house to a three-unit home. TomKat Fine Woodworking, LLC was first called upon to build their custom radiator cabinets to protect the couple’s three children from the hot radiators. But they still had the dilemma of outfitting the family’s only closet. However, once the owners and show learned of TomKat’s closet units they saw a perfect opportunity. As storage in New York is a luxury, the Costello/Shen family worked with TomKat on a design solution that maximizes the space to be shared by all members of the family. Since the closet had quirky angles in every direction, Tom and Kate Salko were a perfect fit for the custom task at hand.

Tune to your local PBS station this spring as Master Craftsman Norm Abram tours the living space with the owner to discuss the job progress and the products of TomKat Fine Woodworking as the Madison couple add the finishing touches to the custom closet.

February 2008

We are now introducing Fine Furniture for Organized Living! Now available to our New Jersey clients, our fine furniture can be used to reorganize your home.  Custom closet units aren't just for the bedroom. We can design storage for pantries, toy, or offices, too!  Also available are entertainment centers, shelving, computer armoires, desks, and vanities.

Some can now be seen on page three of our photo gallery.


January 2007

As seen on This Old House


This year TomKat Fine Woodworking, LLC was proud to provide nine radiator cabinets to This Old House’s East Boston project. Information on the show is at the link http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/tvprograms/houseproject/resources/0,16597,1188668-Cabinets~_~Hardware,00.htm.

Tom Salko, a “This Old House” fan, noticed the show’s new project, a two-family house in East Boston, had radiators and a tight budget. He and wife Kate submitted a proposal to custom-build wooden radiator cabinets for each differently styled apartment. The owners embraced the idea, and especially loved the Salkos’ idea to include shelving in two of the nine cabinets.

The idea began in April, when Tom Salko saw the old house project introduced on “This Old House’s” web cam. He began building the cabinets in September, and installed them in November. Following completion of the project, the Salkos’ attended a wrap party with the cast and crew of the show included its master plumber Richard Trethewey.

April 2004

West Park Hotel Lobby

The lobby of the West Park hotel in Manhattan is now outfitted with new TomKat Fine Woodworking, LLC radiator cabinets. The hotel selected a sleek modern look with the basic style S1000. They have a black lacquer finish and silver Union Jack screens. They finish off and compliment the recent renovations of this beautiful New York hotel.

At TomKat there are no “stock” sizes. All cabinets are made to client measurements and specifications.
No cabinet is too small or too big. We can build you one cabinet or completely cover every radiator in your home.

Call us at (973) 443-0544 or email at info@tomkatfw.com to discuss what we can do for you.