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TomKat Custom Radiator Cover Measuring Guide

Height - Measure from the floor to the highest point on top of the radiator (radiator or radiator valve).  Add one inch to allow for air circulation

Length - Measure end to end the length of the radiator INCLUDING any valves and pipes that will be covered. Add two inches to the measurement to allow for air circulation.
Width - Measure from the baseboard if any or the wall (no baseboard present) to the front of the radiator. Measure on both the right and left side of the radiator and take the longest measurement, in case the radiator is at an angle to the wall. If there is baseboard, measure the thickness of the baseboard including any shoe molding. When baseboard if present TomKat will extend the back of the cabinet top so it is flush with the wall.

At TomKat there are no “stock” sizes. All radiator cabinets are made to client measurements and specifications.
No radiator cabinet is too small or too big. We can build you one radiator cabinet or completely cover every radiator in your home.

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